TMNT: Kickin it Old School

In this game, the Ninja Turtles have had to teleport to the past because of Kraang's malicious plans. In the game "Kickin 'it Old School" you will find a captivating story with your favorite heroes and villains of the series. Be a hero with the turtles and defuse the dimensions before they hurt anymore and you will save the city! To do this, get out of the sewers and roam the streets in search of evil creatures. Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael will fight their enemies for a long time, so use their power and energy wisely! Get ready for intense fighting, strong opponents and "do what a turtle hero does"!
Learn the basics of movement and struggle!
♦with the arrow keys Up, Down, Left and Right you can move on the streets 
♦space bar triggers the usual attack move, but there is also a special hit 
♦Z key, your character will destroy every enemy in the area in a second! However, it has a major disadvantage, because it will waste all your energy.
Collect bonuses and pay attention to
♦turtle symbols because they give you energy again 
♦pizza restores your health again 
♦Robot masks create a temporary protective shield. Hurry to tighten them, as they will disappear in seconds, and your bars will not fill themselves!
Three different and challenging levels
Three different levels will challenge you in many battles to save the city: City Streets, Twilight and Roofs. You can choose to play on your own or ask a friend to complete missions with the Two Players option! Each stage requires a certain number of infantry to be defeated and collectibles to be chosen. You will have to defeat up to 80 enemies! You can complete the level, whether or not you complete all the missions! The only goal is to defeat Kraang. Help Mikey, Don, Raph and Leo save the city so they can finally reward themselves with a delicious pizza! TMNT: Kickin it Old School was added in Ninja Turtles Games.
TMNT kickin it old school

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