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Circus Girl Makeover

Description: I don't know about you, but my parents used to take me to the circus all the time when I was a little girl and going to the circus became my favorite trip. I love the animals, the acrobats, the clowns and the red circus ring became a magical place for me where anything could happen. My best visit to the circus was a few days ago when I met a young acrobat girl who has recently joined the circus. This circus girl always wanted to join the circus and her dream finally came true. Unfortunately, not as many people go to the circus anymore and this acrobat girl got no money for her circus makeover. She has to do it herself and on her own expense. This makeover might be quite expensive because she has to put together several costumes and make sure she puts on a cute makeup that will impress the crowd. If you want to learn more about acrobats and their costumes, no need to join the circus too, girls. Just play our circus girl makeover game and have fun dressing her up.