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Precious Princess Spa Day

Description: Meet this lovely precious princess from a faraway land. She is gracious and kind and above all, she is very passionate about fashion. She has a gorgeous style, nobody can deny that! Also, one of her favorite things is relaxing at the spa. When she feels under the weather, this is the thing that will definitely cheer her up. Today is one of those days, when our pretty princess wants to release all the stress and enjoy some pampering at the spa. Her treatment starts with a diamond scrub, truly worthy for such a royalty like her! Then a relaxing massage with essential oils is in order. Help this precious princess relax and after she is done with the spa treatment apply a pearl powder for her skin to be soft and sparkly. You're doing great! It's time to apply some makeup. Lots of lovely colors available! Try them all and find the best combinations taking into consideration the color of the outfit and accessories, of course. The dresses are fabulous, I'll tell you that, so go on and try all of them so you can find your favorite. Some glitzy accessories, pretty royal shoes and our precious princess will look gorgeous! Enjoy this lovely new spa game and create your perfect look for this beautiful princess!